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Specializing in leak detection and repair of In-ground Gunite and Vinyl Liner Pools/Spas
Proudly serving the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas since 2008.
PADI Certified Scuba diver.
Leaks cause damage and costly repairs if ignored. Pool leak repairs are only
made with your approval and scheduled as agreed upon.

Pool Repair Services:

Underwater epoxy repair
Underground/under deck broken plumbing repairs
Skimmer replacement/foam injection
Filter cleaning/replacement
Leaking equipment
Valve repair/replacement
Minimal property disturbance
2 year warranty on plumbing repairs


Leak Detection Services:

Chlorine and Salt Water systems
Use the latest electronic equipment
Pressure testing underground plumbing system
Under water structural dye testing
90 day warranty on Leak Detections


A common reason for minimal water loss occurs with natural evaporation, splash out and some back-wash waste water. To best determine if your pool is experiencing evaporation or actual water loss due to a leak that needs prompt attention, you can perform the “Bucket Test,” instructions listed below. If you notice a larger than normal decrease in pool water level, you have good reason to suspect a pool leak. If your pool has an automatic fill device, it might be harder to detect. Use these additional clues to help diagnose your pool leak likelihood:

-Increased chemical demands (to treat new water that is added to the pool)
-Increased water bills
-Cracks in the deck resulting from settling earth
-Unexplainable evidence of water outside the pool
-Pump having difficulty keeping/losing prime
-Noticeably greener patches in lawn

The Bucket Test:

Fill the level of your pool to normal operating level (normally mid-tile
or mid-skimmer). If you have an auto-fill device make certain it is
shutoff during this test.

1. Fill a bucket with pool water to about one inch from top.
2. Place bucket on first or second step of pool.
3. Mark water level on inside of bucket.
4. Shut off pump and mark pool level on outside of bucket.
5. Resume normal pump operation.

After 24 hours, turn off pump and compare the two levels. If the pool

Yes, we dive in pools year round....even in the winter!

Yes, we dive in pools year round….even in the winter!

water (outside mark) goes down more than the inside water level,
there is probably a leak.
C & S Leak Detection offers comprehensive pool leak detection and
repairs with detailed accuracy for residential applications across the
Greater DFW Metro-plex Area. We use ultra-sonic leak detection
equipment which allows us to locate and diagnose your leak.

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